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They tell me the best way to podcast is to find a special niche and stick to that one subject. Great advice! But I'm gonna completely ignore it. I find a lot of things interesting so one day I may talk about something you don't care about but the next episode might be about your favorite thing. Keep an eye on the show and subscribe on iTunes Stitcher Podbean overcast and just about everywhere else. Please don't forget to rate and comment as well as this greatly helps us expand our audience. Thanks for listening. 

Love y'all 

The Street Report 

Dec 18, 2017

Merry Christmas everybody! And a Happy New Year y'all.

So whats your New Years Resolution? Wait let me guess. If your like most of us the plan is to get in shape again right? Easier said than done I know. But who better to get advice from than the guy top actors and actresses seek out to shape up? Who? Freaking nobody...